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We specialize in recruiting highly skilled software developers to join your team. This allows you to focus on your business goals, knowing you have a reliable and capable team to bring your vision to life.

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Learn about how we make sure all our developers are the best of the best here.

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Our Culture

At Avvy everyone can learn new skills, grow in their career and enjoy great benefits. Plus, we make sure to have fun along the way!

Connecting passion and purpose beyond borders to streamline solutions and improve lives.

What Our Partners Say About Avvy

"We've relied on Avvy to help us scale our development efforts quickly and effectively. Their team members have consistently exceeded our expectations and have helped us deliver high-quality products on time. I strongly recommend working with them for for software development staff augmentation."

Daniel Brown Β· Cofounder at Big Hoops

"I've been working with Avvy for the past year and have been consistently impressed with the quality of their work. The team they've provided has been reliable, skilled, and easy to communicate with."

Joey Janisheck Β· CTO at Darkblock

"I had a really good experience working with Avvy. Their team really knew their stuff when it came to finding candidates who fit our company's needs and vibe. If you're looking for help finding software development staff, I'd totally recommend Avvy!"

Ebrima Jobe Β· CTO & Cofounder at TBA

Meet Our Team

Valentin Rodriguez

Valentin Rodriguez


Elith Palomino

Elith Palomino


Camilo Fernandez

Camilo Fernandez


Jennifer Lombardo

Jennifer Lombardo

Ops Manager

Daniela Nino

Daniela Nino

Chief of Staff

Mariam Mercado

Mariam Mercado

Technical Recruiter

Jesus Trujillo

Jesus Trujillo

Creative Lead

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Our company is based in Houston, Tx. Our Offices are located in Barranquilla, Colombia, which is 2hrs and 50 minutes flight distance away from Miami, Fl.