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Our Developer Vetting Process: Ensuring Top Talent for Our Clients

At Avvy we make sure every developer that is in our Rockstars Catalog is a top talent. We have a rigorous vetting process that ensures that every developer is technically proficient, culturally fit and adaptable to our clients' needs.

A Rockstar it's someone who embodies our values and culture. We look for people who are passionate about technology, who are always looking to learn and improve their skills, and who are willing to work hard to achieve their goals.

We do all the technical vetting for you, so you can focus on what matters: your company. You can rest assured that our Rockstars are amazing at what they do, so you can skip the technical interviews and get straight to the point.

What Sets Our Rockstars Apart:

Technical Vetting Process:

  1. Detailed Application Review: Candidates submit a detailed application, including their latest Resume, to showcase their qualifications.
  2. Career Advisory Interview: Our recruitment experts conduct in-depth interviews to further assess communication skills and professional attitude.
  3. Technical Skill Evaluation: Candidates undergo thorough technical testing, tailored to their specific roles, to evaluate their coding and problem-solving abilities.
  4. Profile Confirmation: We perform a final review of their professional details, ensuring alignment with our clients' needs in terms of skills, culture, and availability.
  5. Induction into the Rockstars Catalog: Once approved, they become part of our elite Rockstars Catalog, ready to bring their expertise to your projects.

Wrapping up

By choosing from our Rockstars Catalog, you are assured of Rockstars who are not only technically proficient but also culturally fit and adaptable to your specific project needs. Our commitment is to elevate your projects with the best talent in the industry. Let us connect you with a Rockstar developer who can transform your ideas into reality!